Something magical happens when you get a group of people together on a bus and tour the city and laugh and visit along the way. These photos are from a city tour in a school bus for a family reunion back in 1996. Since then we've moved on to luxurious coach buses and offer a variety of tour options for groups of four (minivan), for groups of six to 22 (mini coach), and groups up to 47 (full-sized coach). Reserve your tour date today and make some lasting memories!

Simple Beginnings

In 1869 many immigrants read from the â€‹Minnesota Guide and dreamed about settling in Minnesota, and 40 years later an impressive 50-mile-wide streetcar network spanned the metro area allowing visitors to travel at will to many sights. Today the rails are no longer in use, but you can experience the same yesterday charms of group travel in the comfort of a coach bus with professionally trained guides and see all that our community has to offer! 

The Early Days